Here's your randomly generated passphrase:

Click a word to fetch a new one. You can even drag them around.
Or, click Reload to fetch a whole new set.

Now, what do I do?

Create a mnemonic (mental image or story) to remember it. The sillier you make your image, the more memorable it is.

Here's an example: elk stadium cabbage ruby
Picture an elk sitting in a stadium eating a raw cabbage, but chips his tooth on a ruby hidden inside it.

If you still remember that passphrase tomorrow, please make a point of returning to share using the buttons on top. Looking forward to your 'Like' or tweet already!

Why choose a password or passphrase this way?

xkcd did a good analysis of the problem. Turns out, randomly choosing four common words is harder to crack and easier to remember. See the motivation page.

But passwords must have digits, etc!

They need to rethink their password policy then. While your email campaign builds to get them to change it, you might just use something like a smiley on the end of your password? 8*)